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Country:  Brazil


Telephone:  +1 520.228.2290


Colonel Bruno Pedra

   Colonel Pedra currently holds the position of Assistant Secretary General of the System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA) by         designation of the Brazilian Air Force. This position rotates among the member countries and takes place in the Permanent Secretariat of SICOFAA           (SPS). Like the SPS, the responsibilities of the Undersecretary depend on the Commanders of the American Air Forces and/or Equivalent members.           Likewise, his support for the General Secretary, the standardization of documents and dissemination of information to all members of the System, are     those which fundamentally impact the continuity and quality of systemic activities.


   The officer has graduated as a Military Aviator from the Air Force Academy of the Republic of Brazil in 1997, he is a formal fighter pilot and has                 accumulated around 2,750 flight hours in T-25 Universal aircraft; T-27 Tucano; AT-26 Xavante; F-5E/F Tiger II/M; U-42 Regent; A-29A/B Super Tucano       and VC-99A/B/C (EMB135/145 and Legacy). Married and father of two, Colonel Pedra was born and raised in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He holds     a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's degree in Contemporary Political-Strategic Thinking.


   SICOFAA encompasses almost the entire American continent and currently has twenty-two member countries, with whom the Under-Secretary                 General must maintain permanent communication. In this sense, and regarding to professional expectations, he aims to promote the consolidation of       SICOFAA as an Institution capable of facilitating communication among people of different cultures and thereby supporting the resolution of problems       related to Air and Space Power within the Western Hemisphere.​​


   1997 Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Administration at the Air Force Academy – AFA, Brazil

   2008 Squadron Officers School at EAOAR (Brazil) with MBA in public management at Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

   2013 Extension course: Critical Thinking in Global Challenges at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland by correspondence

   2013 Extension course: Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the brain makes decisions, at National Research University Higher School of Economics,     Moscow, Russia / by correspondence

   2014 Specialization: Public Affairs Course for International Students (PACIS) at Defense Information School (DINFOS) / Ft. Meade campus - Maryland,       USA

   2015 Bachelor of Science in philosophy at South Santa Catarina University (UNISUL), Brazil / by correspondence

   2015 Air command and General Staff College at ECEMAR (Brazil), with Post-graduation in Military sciences of Air and Space Power at the University of     the Air Force (UNIFA) and project management at Estacio de Sá University, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

   2021 Master of Sciences in Air and Space Power - area: Air and Space power Contemporary Political-strategic Thinking at the University of Air Force         (UNIFA), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


   Head of the Public Affairs Office for the 1o/4o Aviation Group and for the 1st Fighter Aviation Group

   Head of the Doctrine and Intelligence divisions for the 2o/3o Aviation Group

   Commander`s Aide de Camp for the General Commander of the Air (COMGAR), General Director of Personnel (COMGEP), General Director of Education       (DEPENS) and for the Air Force Chief of Staff (EMAER)

   Head of the Corporate Communication Division, Press Section and Production and Dissemination Subdivision for the Air Force`s Public Affair Center in     Brasília, Brazil

   Deputy Commander of Santa Cruz Air Base (BASC) and Chief of Staff for the 12th Wing in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

   Head of Aeronautical Institute of Psychology, in Rio de janeiro, Brazil

   Deputy Chief of Parliamentary Advisory and Institutional Relations of the Air Chief Commander (ASPAER), in Brasília, Brazil

   Head of the Attaché’s Office for Brazilian Air Force (2SC1) at the Military Internationals Relations Department, in Brasília, Brazil

   Brazilian Liaison officer (OENFA) for the System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces


   “Military Silver” Medal

   “Silver Meritourious Operacional” Mention

   “Santos-Dumont Merit” Medal

   “Navy Friend” Medal

   “Brazilian Army” Medal

   “Order of Aeronautical Merit” Medal

   “Pedro Ernesto Merit” Medal, from Rio de Janeiro City

   “Victory” Medal

   “Tamandaré​ Merit” Medal

    (Updated Aug 2022   )

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