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The evolution of the world has created a necessary interrelation of peoples, generating the solution of the problems that arise in this context, which implies an agreed exchange on areas of mutual interest, with synergistic effects for all participants. 
The Air Forces of our countries, as collective entities in direct relation to national interests, cannot be absent within a mutual cooperative framework, from whose spirit the System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA) arose.
The idea of bringing together the Commanders of the American Air Forces was born in 1961, suggested by the then Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force (USAF), General Thomas D. White. An idea that was crystallized in the first Conference of Chiefs of the American Air Forces, to deal with the purposes of strengthening inter-institutional fraternal relations, as well as planning effective professional cooperation.
During 1964 the Peruvian Air Force proposed the creation of a voluntary organization of mutual professional relationship and presented the document for consideration.
  entitled "Bases and Procedures for a System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces", a document that was accepted at the 1965 Conference, and later became the First Constitutive Charter of SICOFAA.  



SICOFAA is an apolitical and voluntary organization, between the Air Forces or their equivalents, hereinafter called members.

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